Saturday, July 30, 2011

Barbara Ricci Westchester News Violent History As Well As Racist

When not using the internet to slander people she attempted to use a car, allegedly attempted  to run over an 11 year old child with her car  as documented by The New York Times or her fists hitting a police officer Michael Pelliccio, this woman who loves to say people are mentally unstable appears to be a  violent woman.    Barbara Ricci  is slandering people with the very words that describe herself which is mentally unstable to say the least.

Do you know anyone written up in The New York Times for trying to run over an 11 year old child?

From the author of the piece in The New York Times a comment found on the blog post below:

Mrs Ricci, let me remind you that you cannot fabricate negative stories about people and post in a public forum. While I am aware that you are a pauper, you are still held to the laws of liability. Raymond Hernandez

The question is how did she get off every time she was brought up on violent charges including hitting a police officer?

August 13-19; Congeniality, New York Style

Published: August 20, 1995
Barbara Ricci, the winner of New York State's Mrs. Congeniality contest this year, was acquitted last week of having committed a most uncongenial act -- trying to run down her neighbor's 11-year-old daughter with a car.
But the acquittal doesn't exactly make Mrs. Ricci the most agreeable woman in the state, as 24 of her fellow contestants judged her to be during the pageant. In 1993, Mrs. Ricci pleaded guilty to a charge of harassment after being arrested for punching, kicking and pushing a police officer in Mount Vernon, where she lives.
As for Mrs. Ricci's acquittal on charges that she tried to run over her neighbor's child, that came only after a second trial. The first trial in Mount Vernon City Court ended with a hung jury earlier this year.
So what made the difference? According to David Hebert, a spokesman for the Westchester County District Attorney's office, "she took the stand in the first trial." The second time, Mrs. Congeniality kept mum. RAYMOND HERNANDEZ