Saturday, July 23, 2011

Barbara Ricci Racist Bigot Liar Pervert?

Mar 4, 2009 … Barbara Ricci, Publisher Of The Westchester News ...... BARBARA RICCI IS A RACIST PEA-BRAINED BIGOT. … - 

To read more comments stating that Ricci is a racist as well as  her rants being compared to The Son of Sam and the Unabomber go to the first blog posting.

Barbara Ricci, the Archie Bunker of The Westchester News  likes to “report news” about people based on their religion and ethnicity when she does not even know anything about the news story she supposedly reporting and she is confident no one is going to waste the time and money to sue her in court to confront her.  Her website is not a blog which is like a personal diary but she represents her website as “news”.  

Barbara Ricci  also loves “Deep Throat”, perhaps her favorite porn movie and the terms like  “liar" and “pervert" which leads one to wonder if she isn’t describing herself?

Is Barbara Ricci a big fat liar?  Is Barbara Ricci a pervert?

By the way as NYC celebrates marriage equality she slanders activists that fought for marriage equality and were work was covered by The Associated Press, The New York Times, The NY Daily News, The Advocate, Fox News, NY1, etc.     Does  Barbara Ricci lies to herself kidding herself  she is like Roseanne?

  Roseanne is a liberal not a racist homophobe that calls people pervert and why is that?

Barbara Ricci uses the words mentally disturbed often and again the question is, is she perhaps describing herself?

It does not occur to Barbara Ricci that people wonder if the words she slings apply to her?

So far Barbara has been very lucky she has not been sued.  She can’t imagine someone taking her to court, spending the money to have her  crossed examined and in a court of law proving how people she slanders are actually liars and asked questions about about her sexuality so perhaps it could be understood how she is not a pervert vs. how her victims are as well as her great insights and racist labels constituting truth and news reporting.

What is the responsibility of a Publisher and CEO let us say of The Westchester News  actually mean as defined by Barbara Ricci and if she is going to be sued how much does she earn as publisher and CEO of this website vs. her other sites where she is CEO?

Ricci refers to  “sources” which are  actually herself and a bigot.

The Westchester News Integrity yeah right.

The New York Times won’t be hiring her anytime soon even though Barbara Ricci’s anytime soon.