Thursday, July 21, 2011

Barbara Ricci Accused of Racism Towards Mike Bloomberg, Honorable Ken Jenkins, Jeanne Pirro, Mike Edelman and Andrew Spano’s “Chinese” Girlfriend! Is Barbara Ricci the Archie Bunker of Westchester?

Barbara Ricci describes herself as the publisher of Westchester News but what is she trying to represent?  That this house wife with a website has some very ugly things to say about people based on their religion, skin color, their features and ethnicity?    Barbara Ricci also refers to anonymous sources  when describing Mike Bloomberg as a Jewish Racketeer  and the sources  appear to be her!  When an activist confronted Ricci, Ricci attacked her sexuality again quoting an anonymous source.  Interesting because “annoymous” sources have so much to say about Barbara Ricci.

Mar 4, 2009 … Barbara Ricci, Publisher Of The Westchester News ...... BARBARA RICCI IS A RACIST PEA-BRAINED BIGOT. … - 

  1. - Cached
    Mar 4, 2009 – Barbara Ricci, Publisher Of The Westchester News ...... This woman should be put in a padded room with her prized twinkies and be left to ...
  2. Barbara Ricci went after Mike Edelman for being Jewish, saying “those people are all alike. (see below)


Ricci is the only one who is corrupt. She and her husband are known tax cheats and Peter (who is half retarded) was kicked out of the union because he was scamming them as well.
But, just like Zherka, she focuses attention on everyone else to avoid to discussing her own personal problems.
She is also racist. The reference above to “big lips” and “gorilla” were directed towards Ken Jenkins, the honorable Chairman of the Yonkers Democratic Party who happens to be African American.
Ricci has also criticized Jeaning Pirro for “being a Lebanese” and saying such things as “She’s an Arab!” as if it were a bad thing.
She went after Mike Edelman for being Jewish, saying “those people are all alike.”
And recently she keeps talking about Andy Spano having a Chinese girlfriend. Who cares if he has a girlfriend and why, Barbara, does it matter if she’s Chinese?
This woman’s hateful commentary should be removed from this blog.

Babs Ricci’s ramblings are eerily similar to David Berkowitz’s or the Unabomber Ted Kacznyski’s paranoid rants.
The fact is that she has never investigated anything political. Her website is a Stew Leonards ad. I am not surprised to hear that her husband is a roach. Do you think the other union guys laugh at him or pity him? Wonder why do they live in subsidized housing?
I wonder if Zherka believes the Royal Regency Rally was successful. The News12 coverage was not flattering towards him in my opinion.

Barbara Ricci CEO

@paparazziNEWS Yonkers, New York 10704
Barbara Ricci, is the Publisher Of The Westchester News. Award Winning! The Westchester News Real People Real Stories, right here right now.
In case you want to follow her exciting Paparazzi News and she is CEO!

Barbara Ricci CEO of Racism?

Maybe Barbara Ricci  needs to add the word “bigot” after her name on her  Westchester website?

Yes, she is the Archie Bunker of Westchester.  She referred to an LGBT Activist as a “fruit cake”.

Barbara Ricci seems confident she can lie and slander people and that she will not have a date in court to back up her false attacks.    Barbara Ricci likes to use words like liar, mentally disturbed, pervert, deep throat perhaps because she is describing herself?  

CEO Publisher of Westchester Bigotry and bull?  She doesn’t like rich people and their parties?
Is that because they won’t invite her?

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